Smartbroker Holding AG - The success story continues

wallstreet:online AG was renamed Smartbroker Holding AG in August 2022. The change reflects the strategic importance of our brokerage segment – the main growth driver of our business going forward.

In mid-2023, we will launch our flagship product Smartbroker 2.0. With it, our customers will be able to trade securities from a wide range of asset classes at favourable prices with a completely new user experience via app and web platforms. Take advantage of this unique growth story and
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The Smartbroker Group uniquely combines the two key pillars of the retail investing sphere – information and transaction:

  • Our financial media assets | Social media community and forums with around 1 million registered users and 4 billion page views on our financial media portals per year Established, high-margin advertising business - the profitability achieved is re-invested to drive the Group’s further growth
  • Our brokerage offering for private savers and investors | Smartbroker is the only Next Generation Broker in Germany - unique and market-leading pricing model
  • The market opportunity is huge | The German market for private investors comprises 12 million investors with more than 28 million securities accounts managing more than €1,400 billion in listed securities
    • Smartbroker’s share of account openings in 2021 Germany was at 4%
    • Continued influx of clients from established brokers shows that the competitive landscape is beginning to change

The success story of Smartbroker Holding AG is based on the following cornerstones:

  • Full service, rather than limited access to selected stock exchanges
  • We develop our products with and for our community
  • We will continue to pass on cost benefits to our customers
  • Our favourable conditions offer fair access to the stock market

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Smartbroker is the cheapest provider on the market: "Save up to €828 per year with Smartbroker." (Finanztest, part of the Stiftung Warentest Group1)

Smartbroker ranked "Very Good" in Handelsblatt’s test of the best online brokers of 2022.

1 Issue 12/2021, calculations based on a €50 thousand securities account with twelve transactions per year, orders over €6 thousand and €2.5 thousand